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I.M. Pleasant 25 Aug 2021

When I am not pleasant to someone, usually I get an unpleasant response. Most probably that will grow my unease.

Am I?

Neither am I always unpleasant nor pleasant. My moods do swing. And that is normal. When things are hard am I am somewhat depressed, I check my emotions and the illogical thoughts accompanying them. Usually that makes me smiling again.
It is my intention to be joyful most of the time. Therefore I need to do a few interesting things over the day. I could make a list with things that bring joy to my life, things that need to be done and then give me satisfaction, a few things to care for the people around, some moments to contemplate my Creator. In short a small program of life giving activities. Whenever I am bored or depressed, I can pick something from my list.


Father God, please grant me joy in life. Thanks, Holy Spirit.

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