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I.M. Playful 24 Aug 2021

Sure enough I do have some fears and perhaps anxieties in certain situations. It could be a fear of rejection with selling, a fear to talk to others in noisy places. There is a playful way to deal with such things.

Get 25 Rejections

A therapist instructed a young men to collect 25 rejections of young women in one afternoon. He should go to a mall and ask 25 girls for their phone-number. Sure enough it is easy to be rejected with such a request.
Interestingly with doing so, the client will loose his fear for rejection. By the way, he is allowed to explain to the girls that is doing so to overcome his shyness.

Exposure of Shame

Similarly it helps greatly to tell about your shame (specific!) to strangers on the street. Again you are allowed that you do so to overcome the shame. Usually even strangers will empathize with you. And it brings great relief.

Both techniques are designed by Dr. Burns at


Father God, I ask for courage to practice confronting my fears and shames in playful ways.

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