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I.M. Picked On 21 Aug 2021

It is not easy to hear criticism or comments. Surely there is honest criticism. It is hard to hear criticism of defensive or narcissistic persons. The problem of both is twofold. They are not good in listening and they are unreasonable. Despite of their shortcomings, they may express things that could benefit me.


Hearing words can affect me intensely. The words may touch my emotions. And my emotions raise up all kind of inconvenient responses. Usually pretty inaccurate and annoying. Thus a lot of the pain comes from silly and childlike thinking from myself. It helps so much to write about this process on a paper. Then I can smile about it and relax. That is however way too late for an immediate answer.


It always helps to find some truth in what my accuser says. At least that may give a basis to connect and calm down. If I can show that I understand how my accuser feels, that even helps more. I can test, as an example, by observing "It seems you are quite disappointed and perhaps angry. I feel a bit intimidated with your words."
It helps when we can recognize and accept our emotions.


Father God, I Thank you for your patient and quiet way of communicating.

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