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I.M. Petty 19 Aug 2021

Writing about all kind of words feeds my mind with fresh thoughts. Petty appears to have two kind of meanings. "Narrow-minded" and "of little importance". How would an image of a wall relate to petty?

Narrow Minded

When I am narrow minded, I can't see a beautiful picture at the other side of the wall. I just might see the wall. And perhaps not even the woman before the wall. Totally blinded. I do not even see what is in front of the wall and neither what is behind the wall. In one word: miserable.

Of Little Importance

Actually the wall is of little importance. What would be behind the wall? What would be really important? I am just lost in a nasty detail.


Father God, please introduce me to the light of the world. Teach me the love for you and my neighbour.

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