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I.M. Pessimistic 18 Aug 2021

What would be reasons to be optimistic in this world? The daily news gives me rather reasons to be pessimistic. Yes, about quite a number of things I am pessimistic. I however refuse to be pessimistic about everything. It is hard to work on things that I feel pessimistic about.


Many circumstances in life would easily give me pessimistic thoughts. To a degree that would be depressing. It does affect me. It should affect me.
It however should never affect me to feel depressed for a longer period of time. I choose to live with a hope for a meaningful life for myself. And I hope the same for many more persons.


It may be time to update the way I am thinking. I like to get rid of negative thoughts which are not based on truth. It helps to check my emotions and the accompanying negative thoughts. Usually I can easily see that they are gravely besides reality. Once aware of incorrect unpleasant thoughts, I can correct them to more realistic proportions. I am learning to discipline my pessimistic thoughts.


Father God, please teach me not to give in to incorrect pessimistic thoughts.

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