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I.M. Persuaded 17 Aug 2021

To persuade someone towards a change is not a simple thing. It may need a kind of bait. Like a dangling carrot before a horse.
To engage into something new I need a motivation or I simply have to like it. I must be attracted. When it is about changing a habit, I need to have a hope that a solution is available and accessible for me. It should be affordable for me.

Good Communication

Inviting a person for something new may require even more than one step. Why should that person change or choose? Even with plain advertisements, they need to be repeated and repeated for a time. Only then people may remember.
A person with relationship problems feels frustrated, disappointed, hurt, sad and perhaps ashamed. He or she may have already experienced various disappointments. His or her expectations for a solution are limited and mistrusted. Therefore it will be hard to seek help.


Sometimes it helps to hear a testimony of a friend who had overcome similar problems. That may stir up the hope and interest. It is believed that therapists, to become effective, should undergo counseling themselves as well. Then they have experienced how hard it is to give up some dead ending patterns.

Dangling Carrot

To find courage to make effort to change, we need to see a realistic and trustworthy opportunity. I helps when I find a truly trustworthy person who seems to understand me. Such a person, I could ask to help me. A person who understand me could make some suggestions for options which may help me. Wise therapists only work on specific clear help request. No-one can work on too big and vague problems. Keep it simple and compact! For being persuaded, I need a 'sweet bait' go get interested. Some method that appeals to me. Then I can trust and move.


Father God, I ask for insight in new methods to solve some of my problems. Holy Spirit, teach me in being specific. Show me your ways.

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