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I.M. Persecuted 16 Aug 2021

Being persecuted feels helpless. Everyone is against me. I can't escape. Bad things will happen to me. I may stretch out my hands and beg for help. I do not see the help. I feel helpless.


A lot of my struggle is inside. It is about how I feel. Many unpleasant thoughts are haunting me. And actually I allow a lot of the stress to hurt me. Because my anxious thoughts are unrealistic.
Therefore with whatever pressure or stress, I need to relax. Otherwise I make myself a victim of my fears. Fears need to be understood as realistic of else resisted. I should not believe what is not realistic. Part of the problem is that with fear, my mind may panic. This panic-of-the-mind can not hold on longer than 10 or 20 minutes. It is however fight or flight. And usually people flee in fear.


Father God, teach me to stand in times of panic. Holy Spirit, teach me to run with true dangers.

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