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I.M. Perplexed 14 Aug 2021

I am frequently perplexed by the wonders of this world. First with the many good things. Harder is to see the suffering of too many persons in this world. Most of all I am perplexed with the stubbornness and inflexibility of mankind. Perhaps I am caught up in the history of my own life. I have learned to do things in my own way. Changing is tough.


I do realize that I have a lot of resistance towards new things in my life. I have not a clear idea what I can expect with change. I have not practiced how to do the new things. I face uncertainty. And that is fearful.
I am hardly aware of my resistance. I just have a very limited idea what my fears are. Sometimes I just need a father who says: "William, just go and enjoy."


I pray for a fresh attitude in engaging new adventures. Father God, feel free to perplex me with a great future.

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