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I.M. Perilous 13 Aug 2021

The two biggest perils I cause to my environments could be that I act too slow and that I talk too much. I do agree that the talking may cause some trouble. The actual peril is somewhat more invisible: I do not listen well enough to the people around.

Fail to Listen

1. I like to defend my opinion rather than to listen.
2. I do not express that I understood what others have been saying.
3. I do not express what the others may be feeling.
4. I do not express how I feel about what I am hearing.
5. I do not ask questions to inquire to understand better what the other one is saying.

It is almost if I just like to tell my story or opinion. And then I am surprised that the others do not want to listen to me!


Come Holy Spirit, help me to find truth and wisdom in others.

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