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I.M. Peaceful 11 Aug 2021

Could it be true that bad and unfriendly thoughts dominate my life? They spoil my day and perhaps even my night. I like them to rest in peace. I full well realize that I can not escape every bad thought as long as I am this world.
I need to give up my fear and shame for those bad thoughts. Only then I can explore them and deal with them. And it is not easy.


I need to conquer my pride, fear, and shame. They consist of thoughts like "I should not have such thought", "Everybody will hate me when they would know", and "No-one should know this."
What a lies! And they hurt. I simply do have thoughts and feelings. I am human. Others will understand my feelings, because they do experience similar emotions. When I reveal my anxieties (with wisdom), people start to feel more close to me. They can relate to me. Thus, rather the opposite from what I earlier thought.


I can, with or without help of someone else, do two things.
a) Make up the balance of advantages and disadvantages of my inconvenient emotion (one at a time). Even fear has a very practical and useful function.
b) See my emotions in a much more positive way. That is a proces which may need some help. Because usually I am blind for many good things which my annoying emotions tell about my character.

Having done those preparations I am no more so afraid of my feelings and I begin to like them perhaps.
Now the time has come to crush the bad thoughts about myself. And replace those thought by much more friendly and realistic ones.



God, please help me in dealing with my negative thoughts. I ask for peace and joy. I ask for wise and loving help in the process.

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