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I.M. Patient 10 Aug 2021

Being patient is not the same as being a patient. One of the signs of impatience is my urge to help other persons. Interestingly most people do have a very limited interest in being helped with their problems. Perhaps because when you need help, you appear to be a patient. That may feel like being a failure or an incompetent person.

Not ready

When a patient does not want help, it is hard to heal him or her. Perhaps the patient is just busy with other things. Helpers need to have the patience to wait till the patient is ready. And perhaps it will be never.
The patient may be somewhat shameful or fearful.


I have no time for being sick. I need to work. I don't like to tell my wife and family. I should not be sick at all. I am not old. The helpers can only be patient.


Fear can be conquered patiently. Easier is to confront the fear. I am not an expert. I am hearing that fear in the form of a panic-attack can never last longer than perhaps 15-30 minutes. Simply because our brain is unable to produce sufficient chemicals for a longer period of time.
Thus facing an - unrealistic - fear, can theoretically be solved with being patient with the fear for 30 minutes. But not many patients and helpers dare to do such a confrontation. (It may work with OCD)


Father God, please teach me the power of patience and the courage not to run away.

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