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I.M. Passive 9 Aug 2021

With electronics both passive and active components are used. Without active components there is no real electronics. Without passive components, the active components can not do their work. Thus both are needed.
A person who behaves passive does not bring forth a lot of change. Such a person needs active information.

Active Information

Actually I am not aware or such an expression, except in the context whether information is valid or outdated. I am however interested in communication which activates a passive person. Usually the passive person lacks a sense of urgency. He is not aware about the fact that he is supposed going to take some action. His boss, or the one who likes to activate a passive person needs to explain the situation.


The passive person's imagination needs to be triggered. Sometimes it is just boring to hear simple facts. A certain company had 5% complaints on their invoices. The management communicated this to their staff but nothing changed. 'Only 5%', did not really ring a bell.
Explanation on the impact for the sales department helped more. The 5% complaints caused each typically 10 emails or phone calls to get it corrected. On a total of 100000 invoices that caused 50000 communications of typically 6 minutes work. That is 5000 hours of work being 4 full time jobs or 40% of their 10 head sales staff. It caused a lot of frustration. They liked more to sell than to deal with complaints.


Awareness of painful problems is a first step that may lead out of passive behavior. To overcome resistance towards activity, more is needed. It is simply not easy and straight forward to solve existing problems. Thus more insight is needed in the issues. Next more insight is needed in what hinders persons or departments to change. Only when the resistance is addressed, solutions can be targeted.


Father God, show me in vivid images the painful circumstances in and around my life which need to be addressed. Jesus, see my resistance to move from passivity to activity. Holy Spirit, help me to face reality and guide me into freedom and actions.

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