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I.M. Passionate 8 Aug 2021

There are certainly some passions in my life. I might be somewhat stubborn. My interests in life change only slowly and little by little. That is practical. Because in this way you can become good in what your passion is.
Unfortunately I am as well passionately addicted to some not so helpful things. Some of my habitual behavior may annoy people who have to live or work with me.


Because my habits are often automatic trained behavior, I am not always aware of my ineffectiveness. It really helps me to write regularly about the things I struggle with. It is a kind of journal, not intended for others to read. It certainly reduces my stress and anxiety. I am thankful for the little insights which come with the writing. Little by little and with patience. That is the way to keep passions alive.


Father God, I thank you for all the things which move me forward. I am grateful for all the small joys in my days.

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