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I.M. Paralyzed 7 Aug 2021

It is really very inconvenient to be paralyzed. Sometimes there is a physical reason like a brain, nerve, muscle or limb defect. And typically it does not recover or not easily. A person can be born with the defect or get the paralysis by an accident or a sickness.


The most common form of paralysis is temporary. It may be caused by fear, shame or missing knowledge. A bird facing a snake may be paralyzed because of fear. The bird may be unable to fly at such a moment. I have seen myself a mouse dying because of fear. Its heart stopped beating.

Not Me

Is it easy to ask a girl for a date? Most of us struggle with doing some relatively simple things. Typically it appears safe to hide. Nobody will know about my fear. It gets even worse when I get a panic-attack.
Yes, such things happen to me as well. When I can not hear some other person clearly speaking, I may plainly panic. With one deaf ear, that frequently happens. Hiding is not an option, because I am supposed to respond. One good option is to explain that I can not hear well enough. I make myself vulnerable. At least the other person has some idea what is going on.


Jesus Christ, please stand with me when I feel paralyzed or in panic. Holy Spirit, teach me how to trust in such moments.

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