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I.M. Overworked 4 Aug 2021

Typically I am not overworked. When I would choose or think that I am the only one who can do a certain job, I am a candidate for getting overworked. It is the same when I am or feel forced to perform more and more work. I also get overworked when my income is not enough and I feel that I need to take extra jobs.
My value does not depend on the amount of work I do. Except perhaps when I am lazy. Then I de-valuate myself.

So Many

There are so many talented and qualified workers in this world. I would like to see the talents and skills of all others used and developed. A problem is that workers need to eat. They need to be paid.


A community could be a group of people who really cares that their members can both live and develop their talents. And such without end. We need a trustworthy future.
Sadly many people prefer to develop just their own life. To join a community lifestyle takes courage. It should be a blessing for many.


Jesus, you have given your own life to bring together the 'Body of Christ'. Come Holy Spirit, grant me a proper understanding how I can fully join the Body of Christ. And where I hold back, please correct me. No one should be overworked or overburdened.

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