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I.M. Overpowered 3 Aug 2021

Would you never feel bad? So many problems to work on. So little progress. Life feels like a battle.
You are certainly not alone. Some struggle in life is pretty normal. It gets worse when I feel overpowered.


When I feel like no more being in control, I feel overpowered. It is too much. I will fail. I have lost. I like to quit.
Now there are two views. Before presenting those two thoughts I believe it is pretty normal to have a bad day or even a painful phase in my life. The first view is that I like to accept my fate as a loser and want to hurt myself even more. The second option is to accept my loss, perhaps grieve about that, and then to figure out what my options are. I get back into control for what I am. A valuable person.


I believe there are no really successful persons who never have experienced a serious failure which really has hurt him or her a lot.
In other words, for being successful you need to learn to work through hardships and failures.
When I am faced with a 'big' power, I need to stand and not run for it. Else I will be overpowered forever.


Jesus, teach me the lessons of failing. After death there is a resurrection. Holy Spirit, teach me how to take reasonable risks. I want to live.

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