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I.M. Overlooked 2 Aug 2021

Usually it is me myself who overlooks a few things. I can't observe or notice everything. And by times it is even funny to see what kind of obvious things I ignore.


What I overlook most of all, is that I cause many of the problems in my life just myself. I act and the persons around respond to my actions. How would that work?
I am angry. Everyone is afraid of me.
I smile. Most persons will smile back to me.
I shout. I get a loud answer.
I am lazy. I will be criticized.
I am hesitant. People around will be uncertain towards me.

In other words, what I sow, I will harvest.

But why, why, why is it so hard get the results which I would like? Perhaps because of my ego. I like to do the things in my way, and having immediate results. Even when I could predict that my way might be unpleasant for others.


When I could get results in a simple way, I would choose such a way. It however takes a lot of skill to do things in simple ways. The skills only come by long repeated training and with making many mistakes.
I would like to overlook my mistakes. But no. They are needed, essential for growth in life.


Jesus, thank you for your example: a crucified master, so often overlooked.

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