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I.M. Over 1 Aug 2021

After having passed a bridge I may say I am over it. When I face a difficult situation and I work through it, it is over, done. It no more affects me. I however do have to pay a price. I need to overcome the barriers.

Dying to Self

When I want to overcome a human conflict, it helps a lot when I am willing to listen properly to my enemy. Listening well requires that I really know what the other party said and that I can find at least some truth in it. As long as I deny what the other feels and thinks, he or she will not be wiling to settle with me. It is about acceptance and connection. When I plainly ignore or deny, it separates.
When I hide or not reveal what I feel myself about the other person, I miss an opportunity as well. I may say: "I like you. And I feel bad about having hurt and disappointed you." I can show care and respect before the other party is perfect. I need however to step over my pride and step over my desire to hurt the other person. That is like walking over a bridge instead of sinking in the swamp of my unfriendly thoughts.
I need to choose whether I want a pleasant relationship with the other or not. It may take a moment of pain. It can however set me free for something better.


Jesus, please teach me how to love my enemy effectively. Father God, I ask for opportunity to practice.

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