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Exile 2 Aug 2020

Jeremiah chapter 24 tells about two baskets with figs. One basket holds good figs and the other bad figs. The good figs represent the exiles who had gone to Babylon. The bad figs are the ones who had tried to escape the exile. The blessing of God was with the people who went into the exile which would endure 70 years.

Too busy for Exile

The exile was a punishment because of sin and disobedience. God used this exile to stir up new good things and to build a future.

Today we may wonder if the earth still will exist 70 more years. It appears however to me that more than ever we need an exile. We hardly can control our own world. We need a way out. A supernatural escape.

Exile into the Unknown

An exile moves us to an unknown country, perhaps with a strong ruler. Perhaps a Trump, Putin or Kim Jong-un. Perhaps our Roman Catholic Temple will be torn down to rubble. Let us trust God when He moves us into exile. Let us then build new life and be a blessing to new people at a new place. Perhaps our exile may be into an impoverished Europe.

Do not be afraid. Even when life is hard.

Two baskets with figs.

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