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Treated Badly 29 Aug 2020

Numbers 11:11 and he (Moses) said to Yahweh: 'Why do you treat your servant so badly? In what respect have I failed to win your favour, for you to lay the burden of all these people on me?'

Moses Complains

Moses complains to God about the task assigned to him. It is not an easy task to guide a one million people through the desert for 40 years. The people complained, even wept. They had their food: manna. Nevertheless they complained: 'no meat.'

Moses came with two issues. Moses prayed.
1. He had to carry the full burden alone. God appointed 72 elder to assist Moses.
2. The people wanted meat. God 'covered' the people with quails. And God - who was angry - struck them with a plague.

Moses Intercedes

Moses begs God for patience with the people who fall short in their trust to God.
I am sure that each one of us is called to ask God for patience with this world. We do have a priestly ministry: to participate in the reconciling ministry of Jesus.


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