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Unknown Sheshbazzar 14 Aug 2020

Do you know this name 'Sheshbazzar'? It comes from Ezra 1:11b:
'Sheshbazzar took all these with him when he led the exiles back from Babylon to Jerusalem.'
He began the reconstruction of the foundation of the temple of Jerusalem (see Ezra 5:16.).


He led the captives back to Israel. He began building the temple, but he did not finish it. The prophet Haggai explains a little. The ex-captives preferred building their own homes and not the temple.


God may call me: 'Build community'. I am not successful. I do invite God to clarify to me if I miss the mark in some way or what could be a hindering.

The church in Eindhoven (and at many other places) lacks sufficient finances for normal operation, not even speaking about growing. At the same time many of the parishioners have plenty of money for their own homes. I simply expect God being angry when his 'house' is not build.


Unfinished Foundation
before closed church

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