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Rejoice 3 Aug 2020

Habakuk 3:18

But I shall rejoice in Yahweh.
I shall exult in God my Saviour.


In the bible, the predictions for the earth are not optimistic. In this time, ecologists predict not a good future for the earth. Humanly spoken, I fall short in wisdom.
Interestingly Habakuk says that he shall rejoice in Yahweh. I should not forget that the bible book of Habakuk starts with:
"How long, Yahweh, am I to cry for help while you will not listen." The prophet seeks for justice.


The search for justice has never been easy. I am called to pray for justice and to seek justice with all my heart.
I am not doing a great job in seeking justice. Still God promises joy for those who earnestly seek for justice.

The earth in distress.

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