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Youthful Rashness 28 Aug 2020

2 Sam 2:23 But he refused to be diverted, so Abner struck him in the belly with the butt of his spear so that the shaft came out through his back; and he fell at his feet and died on the spot. On coming to the place where Asahel had fallen and died, everyone halted.

Relenting General

It is easy to assume that generals of armies like war and killing. Abner (Saul's chief commander) had warned his opponent Asahel to seek another target. But the rash young man did not listen and died (2 Sam 2:23). Abner wanted to prevent a bitter war. And he succeeded (see verse 26).
Asahel however was the brother of Joab, David's chief army commander. And Joab took revenge by slaughtering Abner later.


Abner could see David's men as his brothers.
How often I can not recognize my enemy as a brother? I fight for my rights and I may 'kill' or hurt a valuable person.
In the commandments of God it says: 'Thou shall not kill'. It calls for revenge.
Father God, I thank you for men of peace. Men who are willing to relent and refrain from hurting brothers and sisters.


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