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"Psalm 138" 7 Aug 2020

In my opinion, psalm 138 could represent a very nice story. I just use my fantasy. No theology; no correctness.

My Version

In the 7th year of the reign of King David in Jerusalem, the king was praising and thanking God. He had a vision:
He uttered a loud cry for amazement. He saw himself in the heavenlies among the angels and gods. He faced the tribunal of the Most High. All the kings of all nations were present. God explained his plans and all the kings were amazed and praised the Most High for his goodness coming forth from his glory.
David remembered his troubles and begged God, 'please save me'. And God did. For his faithfulness endures forever.

David waked up with a joyful heart and a fresh understanding that Israel was destined to bring all the nations to the Most High. And all his enemy kings would finally bow for God's glory.

The kings in the presence of God

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