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Psalm 138 6 Aug 2020

Verse 1-2a (NJB)

1. I thank you, Yahweh, with all my heart,
For you have listened to the cry I uttered.
In the presence of angels I sing to you.
2. I bow down before you holy Temple.

Some Comments

a) Various bible translations differ a lot.
b) 'For you have listened', I do not see in other translations. It is however present in Vulgate and Septuagint.
c) The 'angels' are translated elsewhere with 'gods'.
d) The 'presence' is translated elsewhere as 'before'.
e) The psalm is attributed to David. But in his time the temple did not exist.
f) 'Thank' is translated in other versions with praise.


If David prayed, I believe it must have been rooted in a situation. Perhaps David 'dreamed' about a temple. Perhaps David had a vision of a temple where God would be honoured.

Whatever it has been, I have feeling that the translators fail to present a consistent psalm. Especially a not yet existing temple is silly in my opinion. I can not pray a silly prayer.

It is still clear to me that the psalmist prays for something much bigger than his own little 'kingdom'.


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