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Only Love? 27 Aug 2020

Please read the following scripture carefully and then answer the question if God is only love.

Eze 21:32 Ruin, ruin, I (Yahweh) shall bring such ruin as never was before,
until the rightful ruler comes, on whom I (Yahweh) shall bestow it."


Let me try to exaggerate a little bit:
1. God is love
2. God has a big love
3. God has an extremely big love
4. God is always loving
5. God is only love

Item 3 already begins to sound silly to me. I mistrust Item 4 when I read e.g. the scripture of Ezekiel. In my opinion as a non-expert item 5 is theologically wrong.

Limited Anger

Interesting is however that God limits his anger: 'until the right ruler comes'. I like this. Punishments and anger should be limited, otherwise the love is really gone.

Exaggerating Distorts

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