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Loyalty 15 Aug 2020

Judges 14:18b He retorted:
If you had not ploughed with my heifer,
you would never have solved my riddle.


Samson just married a wife of the Philistines, a competing tribe living in the same territory as the Jewish people. Samson had challenged the Philistines with a riddle impossible to solve. So the Philistines threatened the bride with killing her family if she did not get the answer for them.
Where would be the loyalty of the new wife: with Samson or with her family. She betrayed Samson. She could have explained to Samson, but she did not. She betrayed her new husband.
It gets worse. Samson killed 30 Philistines to be able to pay his debt. Then he goes back to his parents.
The father in law gives the bride to the best man. When Samson comes back to visit his wife - with a child - he is not allowed to see her. Samson takes revenge and burns down the fields and harvest of the Philistines. They on their turn get angry and killed the father in law, wife and all their family.


Usually when loyalty is claimed, already a few thing have gone wrong. Loyalty may be claimed to hurt another party. I assume that in quite some cases a claim for loyalty is mean and unfriendly. Two parties can not agree and ask a third party for loyalty.
Samson's wife could have been honest with her husband but she decided to fool her husband. Bringing things from darkness into the light can help a lot.


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