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Idols 12 Aug 2020

Isaiah 44:9 The makers of Idols are all nothingness; the works they delight in serve no purpose. And these are the witness against them: they see nothing, they know nothing; and so they will be put to shame.

Makers of Idols

"They know nothing; they understand nothing" are characteristics of idols. But nowadays computers are becoming 'smart'. Internet may 'know' more than I do.

Idols could be things that draw our attention from God and the love for the neighbour. In that sense it could be: Internet, TV, Music, books, foods, games and even work and schools. Who makes those things: the world, we all together. We make our own program of life ... at the cost of God.

Purpose of God

I want God to be my number one. Not the world. I need the help of my "Idol", the God who can guide me into life.

Guidance to Life

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