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Heaven's Boundaries 24 Aug 2020

The bible book of Joshua holds long descriptions of the boundaries between the tribes of Israel. Some boundary names are interesting. Please follow me for fun. It is not 'witchcraft' or 'superknowledge'.

Joshua 15:3b The tribe of Judah

(the boundary) went on to Addar and turned towards Karka;

Word Meaning

Judah means 'praise' (Gen 29:35).
Addar means 'glorious'.
Karka means 'pavement, ground'.

Thought with a Smile

Judah's (praise) boundaries went on form Addar (glorious = heaven) to Karka (pavement, ground).
Somewhat different said: praise moves the boundaries from Heaven (glory) to Earth.


a) No. The thought is not a reasonable interpretation Joshua 15:3b.
b) I believe however that praise moves boundaries. If I praise a person, he gets somewhat motivated. If I praise God, and especially if we praise God, the boundaries from Heaven move towards the Earth. We are created to bring Glory to God.

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