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Is all well? 31 Aug 2020

2Ki 9:22 As soon as Jehoram saw Jehu he asked,
'Is all well, Jehu?'
'What a question!' he replied,
'when all the while the prostitutions and countless sorceries of your mother Jezebel go on.'

The Story

At that time Jehoram (son of Jezebel) was king of Israel. And Jehu, who had been chosen by God as Jehoram's successor, came to kill Jehoram. Queen Jezebel had led Israel into idol worship.


I know we struggle with Corona. Apart from that, if the prime minister of the Netherlands or the Cardinal of the Dutch Catholic Church would ask to a messenger of God, 'Is all well?', what answer could the messenger give?
Perhaps a similar kind of answer as Jehu gave.

If sin reigns in my country, would God not be angry?
A note: I would not dare to say that our prime minister or the Cardinal of the Dutch Catholic Church are sinners.
What about me? I count myself among the sinners.

A well. Source of clean water.

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