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Waste 17 Aug 2019

Seeing the waste of our meal today, I think about the prodigal son. He was not even allowed to eat the husks the pigs were offered to eat.

Not me?

When we are told that perhaps 40% of the world foods are just wasted, I may deny that I waste good foods.

When I made the picture below, I joked that perhaps I would publish the picture and say that it is the meal Millet had prepared for me. At a first glance it looks colourful. A more close view shows the hard core of the corn and paprika. Still some cattle could eat it. I am quite sure that in war time the other left overs would have made a good soup.

My garbage

Once this waste has been dumped in my garbage, it will not even be offered to animals for food.

Father God, please teach me what needs to change in my lifestyle. I thank you for my foods.

The waste from today's meal

The waste from our meal today.

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