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Specular Highlights 8 Aug 2019

When light of e.g. the sun reflects on a curved surface, at some point the reflected light may be intensified strongly. The amplification in a spot can be 1000 times or more. The so-called specular highlights bring life into pictures.

Emotional Triggers

Sometimes my emotions are highlighted and amplified in a similar way. A small event may be magnified in some strange curve in my mind. It may block my normal polite thinking. Although those events are inconvenient, they certainly bring color to my life.


I can not always avoid such events. I would like very much that I was able to pray quietly about dealing with some of those responses. And hear what the Holy Spirit likes to tell me. Being honest, I am learning from the very words I write here.

Reflection in guardrails

Specular Highlight in a Guardrails

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