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Shoe Shine 19 Aug 2019

Where it is about my shoes and clothes, I am not a perfectionist. By times my shoes are in need of some shoeshine. It certainly makes a difference.

My own needs

Would I care better for my own needs then for the needs of my shoes? I like eating. I may take a bath regularly. Do I however know my own inner needs?

I do have a need for love and friendship. By times I am hardly able to receive it. When I am frustrated I tend to shut off myself from the world around me. I may hurt the people around me, more than I realize. Not many people wish me bad things. Many wish me good things.

What kind of shoeshine would work for me?

Shoes are made for a purpose. They only shine meaningful, when they are at my feet. My life is made for a purpose. So that it can shine. I need to find my purpose and live that purpose. Jesus says that I should become like a child. How would a child of God live?
Guided by the hand of its father. Doing the will of God is my desire. I really like to learn from Jesus.

Shoes need shoeshine

Shoes do have needs: shoeshine.

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