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Rituals 25 Aug 2019

Habitually I make coffee and tea. During the weekdays I begin my day with prayer. Then I prepare a cup of tea for Millet and Myself. I know Millet appreciates the little care of being waked up with a cup of tea.

Some Chinese Wisdom

At many places in the world the tea drinking is a ritual. Something that is done with care and attention. Saying, I love you may be a ritual as well. By times it appears that our rituals are a kind of playing, as if it were true. We set our minds on imagining something that does not yet exist, but that is actually desired. It is almost something like hope and faith.

The value of drama

I believe that acting out something hoped for helps a lot in bringing it to life. Our little rituals have a lot more power than we realize. And the same holds for prayer.

tea and coffee making

Some rituals

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