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Spiritual Pruning 3 Aug 2019

Our apple tree has many fruits. When all the fruits will grow to full sized apples, many branches will be torn off the tree by the weight of the fruits. The tree needs pruning.

When I overuse my gifts of the Holy Spirit, the fruits may damage myself. The fruits of the Spirit can not even grow to its healthy size, thus remaining powerless. When the tree with fruits of the Holy Spirit grows, it needs pruning.

A Spiritual Pruning Script

1. Observe that the fruits coming forth from the Spirit are many, but that they are remaining small and causing pain to myself and to the body of Christ.
2. Acknowledge the damage and ask God how to deal with it.
3. Ask God which pruning and trimming may be required.
4. Invite God to teach me best practices.
5. Keep a thankful heart for God's gifts.

an overloaded apple tree

The weight of the many apples damages the tree.

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