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Cesspools of Corruption 18 Aug 2019

In the Dutch language we speak about a pool of destruction. In English language, cesspool of corruption describes better what is intended.

With the Inkscape drawing software I created accidentally some pools. I like the drop shadow and the small glittering lines marking the boarders of the objects. It really looks like some dark pools where I would not like to fall into. I never would get out of the dirty pit.

Sin and Corruption

My sin is like a cesspool. I hate it and I can not escape from it. It is not just one single sin that I struggle with. I struggle with more than one bad smelling pit. And still those pits can look beautiful and attractive. Without the attraction I would not fall repeatedly in the same pit of sin.

Some of my corrupt thinking

In some cases, I am angry at some offences of others, just for the satisfaction that I can hurt the offender. My anger does no more have a just basis. I like to hurt. Strange enough I may feel good and bad at the same time. It is time to admit that I have sunk in a pit of corruption. And I can only get out by admitting that my anger is mean and does not bring forth reconcilliation or something good.

An Inkscape drawing

Drawing of some pools.

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