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Planet of Colour 16 Aug 2019

Millet and I do have in common, a desire to see many countries. Millet says, if you have the means, why not? My desire originates from my interest in amateur radio. But over the years, I got a desire that the gospel may spread to the ends of the world. More and more, my desire is, that the Kingdom of God may come on this earth. I need change to become an inhabitant of that kingdom. I would like to become more loving over the years. If I learn, it is very little by very little.


Millet and I would like to live in another country. It is not easy to explain where the desire comes from. Millet likes a somewhat warmer country. I like a country where I can find a social life and a community to belong to. But any place, where I know God would send me, would do. Above all I desire a place with a meaningful and good life for many. A place with many colours.

imaginary planet

Planet of colour.

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