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Own Boss 26 Aug 2019

Along the road I saw an advertisement: Be your own boss. Many people desire to be their own boss. Many are afraid to be their own boss. My life is in God's hands, because I have entrusted it to Him.

Who is my boss?

My fear for rejection may forbid me to refuse something. My pride may hinder me to be kind to my brother. My habit to go to work very early may keep me from enjoying a nice 30 minutes with Millet. The lust for money hinders me to spend my life for serving God. Addiction to food may control my eating.


When I do not know the purpose of my life, I may spend my life with meaningless things. It may end with dead before I know.

Before I forget: plenty of meaningless things bring joy to God. I am one of them.

Still remains the question: What controls my life?

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