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Bunker 4 Aug 2019

Not far from the place where I live there is a bunker (see picture). Most of the building is underground. It is intended to offer safety in time of an (atomic) war. I like to protect myself against disasters, but I do not know how to do it in a realistic practical way. I trust God and ask Him to be my guide in life. And I have peace.


I watched a documentary about preppers. For future protection, they purchase old military bunkers in a desert in the USA. Their family has no more a normal life. I like that those people act responsible. I feel sad to see what unrealistic (?) fear does to people.

Today (Luke 12:13-21)

The gospel reading of today was about the man who had a huge harvest and planned to build a huge barn, and then to live in safety. He died that evening. God called him a fool.


We can not plan or control our future. We should not live in fear. We also should not be fools.
What I believe is, that we are called to live with generosity and care for as much as possible, without loosing our peace and joy.
If I only care for myself, then I miss the mark. I will not have peace in my heart. The bunker is too small.

an underground concrete shelter

Building with an underground concrete shelter.

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