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Asparagus - To Spring Up 5 Aug 2019

Asparagus is a truly seasonal vegetable. The harvest time is in the Netherlands from April till June, 24. The plant has a remarkable power to produce fresh shoots when being truncated. The same holds for mankind. I also have a remarkable power to survive and recover from wounds.

Second Life

The meaning of the word asparagus may be, to spring up. I am not a farmer. I assume it goes this way:
0) At the end of the year - perhaps October - the green above ground parts of the plant will be cut off, even 20 cm far underground.
1) When spring comes in April the roots produce a fresh sprout. When the sprout reaches the surface, it will will be harvested. It may have a length of 20 cm and after cooking it is soft and tasty.
2) The productive roots will sprout a second time, and then the sprout is not harvested. It will produce a trunk, green leaves and I assume flowers.
3) The cycle repeats at point 0.

To Spring Up

As a human I also have the power to recover, even if I have failed or have been wounded severely. God gives the strength for healing and restoration. I can afresh produce fruits.

some asparagus


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