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Will of the Father 8 Aug 2018

Good things

Which father would like bad things for his children? Usually none. Sometimes fathers are annoyed and shout bad things to their children. That is named cursing.

How bad is cursing? It hurts a lot. The pain does not easily leave. Especially when a repetition of similar behaviour is feared.


Do fathers have expectations to their children. It seems so. Many fathers expect from their children, that they will perform things they themselves could not accomplish.

A kind of projection. My children should realize what I myself could not realize.

Unrealistic expectations hurts too. If a father has a low self-esteem, that will reflect on his children.


A father is a role-model for his children.

Many fathers would like their children to be as they are themselves.

Not the bad things of course. Children are assumed not to copy the 'bad' sides of their father. And if they do ... they will be punished. Because it is just bad.

When the 'good' things are copied, that is just normal.

Suffering from the father's will

It appears to me that usually children suffer from their father's will.

Yes fathers say: we love you. But they do not find it easy to raise their children up without unloving expectations.

The will of our heavenly Father?

Given our experience with the will of earthly fathers, it may be expected that most Christians can not understand God's will for them easily.
Does God have fair and realistic expectations toward us?
What kind of freedom and space for own initiative does God offer us?
Can God be trusted to guide us?

God gives commandments

How strange. They are words of life. Do not do things that will hurt you or others. Some rules of respect for deity and humanity.

Incidentally God gives very specific instructions. Usually for a good reason.

God protects

Some of the will of fathers is executed in the form of protection.

It is not pleasant if such will is enforced.

God likes to guide us on a path of life

This is for me a great reason to seek submission to God.

I am not always great in finding paths of life.

When I choose to be a child of a caring father, I will feel secure and protected.

I pray: "May my will be united with the will of God."

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