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Trapped 9 Aug 2018


Unexpectedly Millet and her friend needed a pick-up in Antwerp, Belgium. It was to avoid a 4 hours waiting in the middle of the night in an unknown place. The husband of Millet's friend offered to drive. We do not have a car. Everything went well. So about 1 am in the night we arrived in Eindhoven, somewhat tired.


Our friends had told the Tomtom navigator to guide them home. Not far from their home good old Tom began to speak: "Turn immediately around". Yes, we had re-targeted the journey to my home, located a 2 km farther. At every street corner Tom told us to make an immediate u-turn, being quite sure that we were no more on target.


Once a computer is programmed for a certain mission it will not change it's mind. When the target fails, it can happen that the system gets 'trapped' in an infinite loop.


I have regularly observed children asking 3 to 5 times repeated the same question to their busy parents. As long as the question is unanswered, the need of the child is not met.

Is it just children who once in a while are trapped in their behaviour?


Could it be that adults have even more problems with repeated unwanted behaviour?

They have learned to ignore their needs and to hide their issues in smooth painless ways.

When I observe myself, by times I really feel trapped. Trapped in my inability to respond more flexible, friendly or effective.

It happens that I behave similar to the hanging car-navigator. Tom-tom can be re-targeted or turned off. I however need to have patience with myself!

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