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Touched 28 Aug 2018

Did you experience feeling "touched"? Usually it is a positive experience. Perhaps you had an experience that touched your heart or even your life.

There are "touches" that really affect lives.


There are also touches which change our state in a negative sense. Usually it is about changes that do not require responsibility. That is magic. It may not work when tested in the real world.

Touching Spell

You may not expect that I am familiar with spells. This one really can work very well, even when tested in the real world.

A few little warnings. You really must believe. That is expecting a result. That is by far not automatic. The second warning is that you need to do your part as soon as you know what it is. Now you are prepared.

You shall say silent or even better aloud: "if you exist, father God, please teach me how I can love you." When it does not work instantly repeat it regularly. It will not take you a lot of effort. I really believe that this "enchanting spell" will touch you forever.

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