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Team 13 Aug 2018


Managers have the task to set policies and targets for their business. Companies make efforts to improve their culture and way of working. That is not an easy task. And it easily may appear ineffective.

This morning I found myself commenting on the employees assumed to implement the policies. "I believe that a lot of 'business culture' as expressed by managers is quite ineffective.
But I believe too that most people (employees) are too disappointed or too incapable or too busy to work through the pain of learning all kind of tools.
The hardest is probably: to become a really effective team."

What may build a great sports team?

- It needs people with sufficient talent
- The team needs to be motivated and willing to pay the cost
- It needs a lot of training and a coaching team
- It needs bonding
- They need to have lost and won matches
- etc.

Building a team takes effort

How much effort does it take to build an excellent soccer of baseball team?

The answer is that they must be full time professionals with a coach and a support team.

It is a lot of hard work to get a team performing as a team.

What about other teams?

How much effort is needed:

  • to build a cleaning team?
  • to build a game team?
  • to build an effective Agile team?
  • to build a great friendship team?
  • to build an intimate marriage team?
  • to build a functioning community team with a mission?


The higher the expectations and standards the harder it is to build a team.

We should start with realistic expectations at a level where we have the required skills.

For myself: when I want to grow towards community, it could start with friendship and teamwork. Today the concept of 'team' became more important for me.

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