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Station 24 Aug 2018

A Station is a special place. People depart, arrive, wait and meet at stations. That sounds pretty multi-functional.

Some persons are bored and some are excited, especially the groups of young people and children can be pretty excited.


Personally I do not visit stations for the sake of excitement. I instantly would agree that departing, arriving and meeting persons are exciting things. Stations are temporary places. We only stay for a moment.

Other kind of Stations

Some other kind of stations are beer stations, coffee stations, soldering stations and in most catholic churches there are the stations of the cross.

This kind of stations appear to be places where we can do a quite specific thing. You may stay a while to perform a special task.

The specialty of beer, coffee and soldering stations may be relatively clear. The purpose of the stations of the cross may be harder to understand.


For me it stands out that Jesus was willing to accept what people - and I am one of them - did to Him. He did not complain.

The appearing passivity of Jesus with his suffering is not easy to understand. Suffering and pain are not nice things. Jesus accepted them knowing that He did the will of His Father.

When we endure what other persons do to us with patience coming forth from love, something new may happen. We start to accept the other often wounded person for who he is.

Purpose of Station

We arrive, we buy our tickets, we may meet someone, and we depart hopefully with a refreshed heart.

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