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Self 26 Aug 2018

Time to write something about myself. After a busy weekend. Of course it needs to have a portrait. I can smile about myself. I am happy about who I am. There are still a few dreams. I am not too serious about myself. I am regularly too serious about a few things I consider important. By times I talk little. By times I talk too much.

Youth in 3 lines

Born in 1955 in Catholic family in Eindhoven. One older brother and two younger sisters. The dream of my youth was to become an engineer. I remember myself as somewhat shy. I was not good in sports. I did not have many friends. We lived in a neighbourhood where people knew one another. I went to primary school and performed above average but never very good. My teachers complained that I was frequently daydreaming


At the age of 11 my mother died. I moved from primary school to high school. We moved away to another subdivision. My father re-married.

I did not do very well at high school. Mainly because I was somewhat lazy and undisciplined in making homework. I am certainly below average in accurately memorizing facts.

Technical Study

Once I moved to studying electrical engineering things went a lot better. At the age of 22 I got a BS degree. I took one year Electrical Engineering (MS level) at the Technical University in Eindhoven and got a Propadeuse diploma in a year.

More life

The following step in my carreer was Militairy Service. I got the rank of Sergeant and did mainly office work. I gained 10 kg's in one year from all the beers in the evenings. I had a great time and became more independent

Philips and TUE

Spoiled with some income I decided to take a job with the Philips company at a department in the middle of research and development.

When a friend got his MS degree I decided to get my MS degree diploma. I am still very grateful to Philips who offered me a part time job.

With the earned masters degree my youth dream of becoming an engineer had been realized. And I was just 32 years old


Actually the picture above shows some of the lovely multi-colored facets of my life. Another time more

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