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King Saul 15 Aug 2018 II

Today I would like to raise a simple question: "Why was King Saul in the Bible's old testament supposed to be obedient?"

Was he or was he not?

Although king Saul did more things wrong than just being disobedient to God's word, I believe that he was assumed to obey accurately.

Was he not rejected as king because he was disobedient?

What about Christians?

Am I or are we supposed to obey God?

Would anyone answer: "no?".

I would like to answer with an 'if'. If we know what the Holy Spirit instructs us to do and I have tested that the instruction is relevant then I believe we should obey swiftly.


I feel ashamed for my inability and resistance to:
- love my neighbour
- love one another as Christ loved us
- to spread to good new till the ends of the earth

What better am I than king Saul?

I am willing to learn, study and seek help. It is not a one man's job.

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