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Quiet 18 Aug 2018

It is 9.30 pm and it is the first moment on this day that I feel quiet. I feel thankful. I am enjoying the stillness of the evening.

Millet and I celebrated our birthdays. This weekend we have invited family and friends to join with us. Millet has prepared a lot of food. Hard work for a couple of days. We had great day and our guest enjoyed the foods.

We are very thankful for the help of Jenson and Leroy (who rent a room in our house.)

Other quiet times.

Usually on weekdays I get up early. I am used to sit for a 20 minutes just in quietness. I try to avoid all my worries and wandering thoughts. I want to focus on the presence of God. He is always there. I need a quiet heart to meet Him. If I do not get quiet I just meet the busyness and worries of my life.

What good does this practice do?
Since I practice those quiet times, my love for the people around me has grown.

I do not know. A miracle of God?

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