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Participate 31 Aug 2018

Most of us like to use their talents. It is my impression over the last 20 years that many people act more individualistic. I really see many talented people performing pretty well

Despite of incredible performance of individuals, I am disappointed with the willingness to seek ways for a better common functioning. I believe that a lot of the individual efforts does not lead to a really great team performance.

Talents abused.

It is easy to observe that my talents cause problems. I like to perform and I am too busy to observe that I ignore others or even hurt others.

Talents are as well abused when others like to use my talents while actually I would like to do other things.

My talents are abused when I do not work on things that really matter to me or society.

In those cases my participation is abused. Sometimes by myself. Frequently by the unwillingness to make serious effort in team building.

Participating in things that matter

It feels lonely when I can not use my talents for lasting things. The continuity is important because it is not easy to live with uncertainties. I am not afraid for changing focus. But I am afraid for failure and being left alone. Therefore I look for a place where I am valued even when I fail.

When I make mistakes or have hurt other people I need to take responsibility.

That is a kind of contract. Living and working under an authority which cares for all. A place of peace for all of good will.

Participating is a choice

If I can not participate I feel lonely.

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