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Parade 6 Aug 2018

Caracas in Panic

Yesterday in Caracas a military parade was held. At the end of the presidential speech some chaos stroke. There had been some explosions. A military drone was shot down. Some smoke came from an apartment. What stroke me on the pictures was to see the brave disciplined soldiers on the run. They are human. I found myself smiling at the sight.


A military parade is to let the nation shine and to show power.
There is a good catholic equivalent: a procession. The soldiers are the believers. We also like to honor our presidents: Jesus and Mary

On the run

It is true, our brave soldiers are on the run as well. The cause of the panic is not so clear as well.

What happened with our honor? Wat made us running from Jesus and Mary?

The Ennemy

It must be a neighbouring country, perhaps the evangelicals. It must be the opposition, the reactionaries or the modernists. Or the big bad world.

Yes, we appointed - as Venezuela today - judges, investigators, to find out what happened.

Who suffers?

When I am on the run: I bear the shame; I dishonor myselves.

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